NEMBUTAL (PENTOBARBITAL) SODIUM is best selling barbiturate for active and passive voluntary euthanasia of both sick, suffering pets, depressed individuals and criminals with capital punishment. It’s action is very fast and painless. We sell Nembutal in different forms and doses: Liquid, Powder, pills and injectables.


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Buy Nembutal Online

Buy Nembutal online. Nembutal also known as phenobarbital sodium has become increasingly scarce worldwide .This is thus causing the problem of how to buy nembutal online . The medication was first used only in Euthanasia cases for animals but lately , humans also use Nembutal for most Euthanasia cases . Nembutal or Peaceful pill brings about peaceful and painless death to humans.

The demand for Nembutal so much online has brought us to the question of Order Nembutal Online

Firstly ,Euthanasia is illegal in so many countries across the globe .Only legal in a few countries like Switzerland , Netherlands, Belgium , Thailand and some states of the USA . There fore the problem has always been getting the Nembutal into your country . Some rich people who can afford often go to these countries where euthanasia is legal and end their lives there . So what then happens to those who can’t afford traveling ?

For people who can’t travel ,the only means they have to get is to Buy Nembutal Online . Most often , they run into difficulties online when trying to purchase Nembutal online .

If you are looking for pentobarbital for sale or where to buy nembutal online, you at at the right site; A place where you can get first hand information about Voluntary Euthanasia, assisted dying and also buy Nembutal online. We are the leading suppliers of Nembutal ( Pentobarbital) and other barbiturates online. We ship discreetly and risk free to individuals and laboratories in over 47 countries since 2008.

Our customer support is there 24H/7 working to provide accurate and working answers to all your nembutal related questions questions, We assure you high quality nembutal products.

We sell nembutal in 3 forms; Nembutal oral solution, nembutal pills and nembutal powder. We ship all three forms of nembutal to Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy, USA, Just to mention a few

It is our belief that voluntary euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide, and self-deliverance, are all appropriate ways of ending one’s life depending on the individual’s medical and ethical circumstances.

There’s hope though for people who are in pain and are looking for a peaceful passing and that hope comes in the form of Nembutal Pentobarbital Sodium. Nembutal is the proven drug of choice for Voluntary Euthanasia and assisted suicide with its ability to provide a slow, peaceful and painless death. This Nembutal is readily available in veterinary stores in Mexico and can also be bought online. This brings us to our main goal which is help all those who are looking to buy Nembutal online get it safe without losing money.


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0 – 19 Years 50ml, 20 – 39 Years 100ml, 40 – 59 Years 250ml, 60 + Years


10 – 19 Years 10 Grams, 20 – 29 Years 15 Grams, 30 – 59 Years 20 Grams, 60 + Years 30 Grams


0 – 20 Years 10ml, 21 – 39 Years 30ml, 40 – 69 Years 50ml, 70 + Years 100ml


0 – 19 Years 10mg (30 Capsules/pack), 20- 29 Years 20mg (30 Capsules/pack), 30 – 59 Years 30 mg (30 Capsules/pack), 60 + Years 50mg (30 Capsules/pack)


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